All about the “Festival of ART”

Arouca Revival Tabernacle presents Festival Of Art on Republic Day - September 24th.

The festival has 2 parts: Sowing Seeds of Future Expression from 9am-1pm which focuses on learning about opportunities in and entertainment industry.  Cost is $100 per person and there are special rates for groups. Sign up using or call Arouca Revival Tabernacle @ 642-9018 or 692-6954.

In the evening from 6pm, we have Ignition, a concert featuring many top gospel artists. Cost is $100.  Tickets available at Maranatha Bookstores San Fernando, Arouca Revival Tabernacle, Faith, Hope and Love Centre, Barataria and the PAWI NETD Office, Tunapuna.  Call 642-9018, 692-6954, 358-1292; 398-7408 or 334-1272 for more Information.

Want to attend both events?  we have a special price for you!

A creative market will be onsite all day so come and see what they have to offer! Register for a booth in the market here.

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