You matter to God, you matter to us

Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Each Arm of this ministry seeks to extend Radical Hospitality. Radical means “out of the ordinary,” “revolutionary”. So great effort is extended to receive everyone—a stranger, a fellow saint—with a presence that was not just polite, but with revolutionary generosity.

It is our hope that our guests enjoy pleasant experiences through:


Refreshment Hospitality

Exhibits a spirit of Christ-like friendliness and fellowship, along with the provision, preparation, and delivery of quality refreshments and meals.

Church Ushers

Sanctuary Ushering

Each person, member or newcomer, comes with the hope that worship will be an experience of inspiration, a time of renewal and celebration. The Sanctuary Ushers (greeters and seaters) helps to make this a reality for those in attendance.

Car park ushers

Car Park Ushering

This is the first point of contact for members and visitors attending church. They are responsible for managing the flow of traffic in and out of the parking lot in an expeditious, safe and courteous fashion.

Car park ushers


Ensures that services flow in the spirit of excellence and order through the essence of protocol: (a) provide a service based on expectation (b) precedence (c) preference and (d) presence.

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