On a Point of Order


Out of order sign is basically used to mark everything that is not working. Out of order signs are always needed to help people notice that something is not working. When you are waiting to use the elevator you will suddenly change your mind when you look at the out of order sign.

So many individuals are seeking to make their lives better by simply getting more of what you want – such as an exciting job, a loving spouse and children, strong health, or the money to buy a bigger home or newer car. Enjoying the best life possible is not about what you can get, but about what directs your life. Whatever or whoever occupies first place in our lives will drive our decisions and shape your future.
If you decide to make your relationship with God first in your life, everything else will naturally fall into place in the right order, creating the fulfilling life you hope to enjoy. Here’s how you can make your relationship with God your top priority:

Take an honest look at your current priorities. Reflect on your life right now to consider what factors most determine how you choose to live. Where are you investing most of your time, money, and energy? Which relationships and activities do you devote yourself to every day? Where do you currently place God on your list of priorities? If your relationship with God isn’t your top priority right now, what specific changes do you need to make in your life to devote yourself to God first?

Recognize that stress of chaos versus the blessings of order. The more you try to make your life better by pursuing your own desires, the more your desires will spin out of control, creating stressful and frustrating chaos in your life. But the more you pursue a closer relationship with God above all else, the better you’ll be able to distinguish between what’s truly important and what’s merely urgent, freeing yourself up to receive more of the blessings God wants to send you.

“When we put our problems in God’s hands, He puts His peace in our hearts”.

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