Jesus As Our Problem Solver

Celebrate Recovery

Today, we face an unprecedented set of problems in every sphere of human existence. We live at the steadily approaching threshold of unimaginable chaos, calamity, death and destruction. But there exists a lasting solution to these issues facing humankind.
We can all agree that all of us experience problems. Those who succeed are usually problem solvers. When we have a difficulty that we can’t solve ourselves, then we must go to a person who can solve it. Doctors solve our health problems. Lawyers solve our legal problems. Counsellors solve our personal problems and the list goes on.
Jesus is our ultimate problem solver, because no human can solve our problem of sin and our need for acceptance. Jesus not only forgives us our sins, but remembers them no more. No one else can solve our problem of guilt and shame. No one can heal us from our infirmities, our mental and emotional problems, and make us whole.
Jesus has something we need. He is deity, and we need a God who shows us the right way to live so we stay out of bondage. Our earthly life is short. Without the wisdom that He provides, we would not only be lost on this earth, but we would be lost forever in eternity.
After serving the Lord for more than forty years, I am convinced that problems are situations engineered by God to bring us face to face with our own deficiencies so that we might view His sufficiency as the only alternative. All too often we should have gone to Him in the first place! I believe that every problem gives us the opportunity to know the faithfulness of God. The bigger and complex the problem, the greater and deeper the wisdom of God that can be revealed. Problems are God’s life lessons for His children.
God planned for you and wants a relationship with you. He created you to enjoy you and He loves you unconditionally. No one else can do that for you; therefore, Jesus solves all your problems: -He solves our emptiness. He solves our need for love and acceptance. He solves our problem of lack of knowledge and wisdom. He solves our problem of needing to belong. He solves our problem of needing to know who our real Father is.
As you visit our website, may you encounter Jesus as your Problem Solver. I bless you with the spirit of David, who saw the Goliaths of life but also saw the solutions of heaven. Face Your Problems! Walk Toward Your Problem Solver! Walk through All Your Problems In Jesus Name!

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